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VestxCoin is a new cryptocurrency that has been developed with master node and other promising features to have ease of use to people. The developers decided to combine master node technology with new Mining algorithm explicitly designed to provide ease of mining and fair mining while staying asic resistant. The developers hope to list the coin on exchanges so that it can trade as cryptocurrency pairs. This will make it is easier to exchange between the significant cryptocurrencies for VestXcoin. This will be coupled with the fast lightning transactions that do not require confirmation. This will increase the speed and scalability to levels above others.


In comparison to centralised databases, blockchain technology offers better features such as privacy. However, a keen technology enthusiast will notice that the claim of complete privacy is not completely true because cryptocurrencies are not fully fungible. Fungibility means that one unit can be exchanged for another unit without any issues. An example is how a dollar can be exchanged for another one without any issues. Since the transaction history of blockchains is immutably stored, one coin or token’s history can be traced. This means that coins from legitimate sources are more valuable than those from questionable individuals. Main blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin all suffer from this problem. For seamless commerce and value exchange between people this is a challenge that needs to be addressed. Herein lies one of the biggest problems.
The second issue is that many of the cryptocurrencies that try to solve this fungibility problem create the problem of possible collusion between different masternode operators. This is a risk that could leave a blockchain vulnerable especially to 51 percent attacks when only a few people or organisations control masternodes. This trust issue needs to be resolved to truly create a trustless system where there is both fungibility, privacy and trust in the validation process.

VestXcoin Features

VestXcoin will have the following specific features They include

Tiered masternodes

The masternode set up on the blockchain will be tiered to give more functionality to some of the masternodes. These masternodes will be offered to validators who are considered more authentic. The nodes will have limited information in comparison to the masternodes, but they will provide crucial services. The masternodes will be used as the site for zerocoin protocol to be used.

Trading pairs

When VestXcoin will be added to exchanges, it will be listed with trading pairs to increase ease of access to those holding most of the major cryptocurrencies around the world. This will allow them to send their coins simply and they will be cleaned and then sent back to them in their preferred cryptocurrency.

Dynamic block rewards

Unlike most other blockchains, the block rewards offered by VestXcoin will be dynamic. Essentially, they will change based on the inflation in the market. This will provide better rewards for masternode operators.


The biggest problem for privacy coins is the likelihood of 51 percent attacks once the masternodes are breached. However, since it uses a POS architecture for consensus, it dissuades validators from affecting the value of the coin aversely.


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